Governing Board Meeting

1. Pledge and Welcome
Joe Hubbard, Board President

This meeting is a meeting of the Governing Board in public for the purpose of conducting the Career Center's business and is not to be considered a public community meeting.  There will be time for public participation as indicated by a specified agenda item.
Mission Statement:  To engage, support, and empower students by providing active, career-based learning in an experiential environment.

2. Recognition of Brian Mendenhall, Culinary Arts Instructor
  • Pro Start Teacher of the Year Award

3. Program Showcase - Early Childhood
Carrie Lamb, Instructor

Shae Shaw- Center Grove

Audrey Clark- Franklin Community

Jaskirn Shergill- Whiteland

Run Eng- Roncalli

Za Par-Roncalli

Jordan Perry-Center Grove



4. CTE Innovation Coach Presentation
Michelle Augustine

6. Old Business

7. Items of Action - ACTION

7.1 Request Approval Building Project Bids and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

7.2 Request Approval of 2022-2023 School Calendar Revision

7.3 Request Approval of Overnight Travel for Executive Director
  • Annual IACTED Summer Conference at Brown County State Park - June 7-8, 2022
  • Cost will be approximately $550.

7.4 Request Approval of FY2023 Perkins Grant
  • $714,511

7.5 Request Approval of the Indiana Agriculture and Technology School Operating Agreement

7.6 Request Approval of Resignation and Severance Agreement for Kate Greven to be paid out Rainy Day Fund

7.7 Request Approval of Board Policy Revisions

7.8 Request Approval to Increase Mowing Rate From $10 to $12

8. Director's Comments and Items of Information
Dr. Kovach, Director

62 students went to the Skills USA state competition April 9-10th.  19 of them placed first.  15 earned a silver or bronze.  C9 had a great showing.  Now on to nationals in June.

The next superintendent meeting is Wednesday, April 27th.

 October 1st we plan on celebrating 50 years of C9 by hosting an event on our grounds.  It should be much like a festival to celebrate the great people, history, and accomplishments of Central Nine. 

8.1 April Students of the Month

8.2 Upcoming Dates and Events

May 5, 2022 - Awards Day
May 7, 2022 - Spring Plant Sale
May 26, 2022 - Last Student Day
May 27, 2022 -  Last Teacher 1/2 Day
Next Governing Board Meeting - May 12, 2022- Program Showcase:  Criminal Justice

10. Adult Education Division Action and Items of Information

12. Public Comments

13. Board Member Comments

14. Adjournment