Governing Board Meeting

1. Pledge and Welcome
Mr. Chris Wood

Mission Statement: We provide the necessary facilities, appropriate equipment, technological instruction and learning environment relevant to business and industrial needs in order to enhance student success.

2. Request for Additions or Amendments to Agenda

3. Approve Consent Agenda Items - ACTION

3.1 Financial Report and Claims

3.2 Personnel Recommendations

3.3 Approval of July 14, 2011 Minutes

3.4 Donations

4. Items of Action - ACTION

4.1 Request Approval of Land Lease
Dr. Hagen

4.2 Request Approval of Surety Bonds
Dr. Hagen

1.  Stan Wilkison, Assistant Director/Principal

2.  Donna Rund, Adult Education Secretary

4.3 Request Approval of Conflict of Interest Forms
Dr. Hagen

1.  Chris Wood, President; Central Nine Governing Board

2.  Alan Weems, Professional Careers Internship Instructor

3.  Daniel Everett, Building Trades Instructor

4.  Joe Ramey, Landscape Management/Horticulture Technology Instructor

4.4 Request Approval of Plasma Lighting Proposal
John Showalter & Klint South, RTI Straylight Plasma

4.5 Request Approval of Amendment to Mission Statement

4.6 Request to Transfer General Funds to Technology & Transportation

5. Director's Comments and Items of Information
Dr. Hagen

5.1 Board Policies Revision - 1st Reading

5.2 Extra Curricular End of Year Report

5.3 Conexus Indiana
Dr. Hagen

5.4 Hail Damage Report from June 20, 2011
John Showalter

5.5 Enrollment Update

5.6 Superintendent Meeting Notes

6. Board Member Comments

7. Public Comments