Governing Board Meeting

1. Pledge and Welcome
Joe Hubbard, Board President

This meeting is a meeting of the Governing Board in public for the purpose of conducting the Career Center's business and is not to be considered a public community meeting.  There will be time for public participation as indicated by a specified agenda item.
Mission Statement:  Central Nine exists to engage and empower students by providing career-based instruction in an innovative learning environment.  We make an IMPACT on our students' personal and professional SKILLS, which enables them to succeed in post-secondary and career opportunities.  

2. Early College Presentation

4. Old Business
  • Facility Project Update
  • No COVID-19 Update

5. Items of Action - ACTION
Dr. William Kovach, Executive Director

5.1 Request Approval of 2021-2022 Education/Operation Budgets

5.2 Request Approval of the Property Casualty Insurance Plan

5.3 Request Approval to trade In old Construction Trades trailer in order to purchase new trailer

5.4 Permission to Transfer Appropriations within each fund as part of Fiscal Year-End Process

5.5 Request Approval of the Paul Mitchell Memorandum of Understanding

5.6 Request Approval of Pay Rate Increases (Non-Cert & Administration)

5.7 Request Approval of the Teacher Evaluation Tool

5.8 Request Approval of the Construction Manager as Constructor for Facility Project

6. Director's Comments and Items of Information
Bill Kovach, Director

As of Tuesday, June 8th, Franklin Township is the one school that has voted on the C9 building project.  They voted, yes.  Beech Grove and NHJ will vote before the C9 board meeting.  Greenwood, Clark Pleasant, Center Grove, and Franklin Community will all vote next week.  Perry will vote early in July.  We will need at least six of the eight districts to vote, yes, to move the project forward.

I presented to Beech Grove's school board Tuesday evening and will present to Perry Township's board on June 14th.

We worked to get higher funding levels approved through DWD in aviation maintenance, operations, auto services, auto collision, and construction trades through an appeals process this June.  The results are not back yet. 

6.1 Superintendent Meeting Notes

I shared data with the superintendents and showed an increase in student retention to 88% up from 85% last school year.  Dual credit earned by the 1154 students was over 5100 credits.  Up almost 1000.  Industry recognized certifications are up 100 from last year at 349.

We currently have 1320 students enrolled for this coming fall.

COVID predictions include us starting the school year normal if all goes according to current plans.  No masks, no contact tracing, and not social distancing.

6.2 Upcoming Dates and Events

Next Governing Board Meeting:  July 8, 2021

7. High School Division Update

8. Adult Education Division Action and Items of Information

8.1 Approval of Adult Education Personnel Report

No Personnel Report

10. Public Comments

11. Board Member Comments

12. Adjournment