Governing Board Meeting

1. Pledge and Welcome
Joe Hubbard, Board President

This meeting is a meeting of the Governing Board in public for the purpose of conducting the Career Center's business and is not to be considered a public community meeting.  There will be time for public participation as indicated by a specified agenda item.
Mission Statement:  To engage, support, and empower students by providing active, career-based learning in an experiential environment.

2. Program Showcase - Exercise Science
Mark Rund, Instructor

Emily Reed:  Whiteland  HS :  Will not be present 

Debbie Hill:  Whiteland  HS

Natalie Shotts:  Whiteland HS

Alyssa Henderson:  Franklin Community

4. Old Business

4.1 Update on COVID Guidance

4.2 Update on Building Project

5. Items of Action - ACTION

5.1 Request Approval of the Pepper Construction Contract

5.2 Request Approval to pay any invoices due before the next Governing Board Meeting as pre-written checks so that we do not accrue any late charges or finance fees.

This request is due to the early date of the October Governing Board Meeting.

5.3 Request Approval of Revised School Billings

5.4 Request Approval of the 2022-2023 School Calendar

6. Director's Comments and Items of Information
Dr. Kovach, Director

I met with the superintendents on September 22nd.  We featured our PLTW biomedical program and served lunch prepared by our culinary II class.  In addition, I shared our 2022-2023 calendar draft.  I also shared an updated five year outlook for potential breaks.  This year, after a few years very close, the calendars have started to spread out.  We are trying to get our breaks as close to the same for all eight districts as we can for consistency.

We also talked about COVID and mask requirements.  There was a mixed reaction to long-term required mask wearing.  The one thing keeping masks required right now is the Governor's extension on his executive order to allow students to keep coming to school even if they are close contacts when masks are required in school.

Our restaurant should open on select Fridays starting November 4th.  We will get more information soon.

Saturday, October 23rd, C9 plans to host a staff and family picnic under our shelter by the retention pond.  All school board members will be invited.


6.1 October Students of the Month

6.2 Upcoming Dates and Events

October 8, 2021 - End of First Quarter
October 11-15, 2021 - Fall Break
October 18, 2021 - Classes Resume
Next Governing Board Meeting - November 11, 2021- Program Showcase:  Work Based Learning 

7. High School Division Update

8. Adult Education Division Action and Items of Information

10. Public Comments

11. Board Member Comments

12. Adjournment