Governing Board Meeting

1. Pledge and Welcome
Mr. Chris Wood

Mission Statement: We provide the necessary facilities, appropriate equipment, technological instruction and learning environment relevant to business and industrial needs in order to enhance student success.

2. Request for Additions or Amendments to Agenda

3. Approve Consent Agenda Items
Mr. Chris Wood

3.1 Financial Report and Claims

3.2 Personnel Recommendations

3.3 Minutes of the May 10, 2012 Meeting

3.4 Donations

4. Items of Action - ACTION

4.1 Approval for Additional Parking

4.2 Request Approval of the 2012-2013 Budgets
Dr. Hagen & Mrs. Payton

Note 1: General Fund (see handout)

Note 2: Transportation & Capital Projects Funds already approved for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 Request approval for 2014-2015 of 3% increase.

4.3 Request Approval of Stipend

Other than adjustments that have been made to better align compensation with responsibilities and results or increment increases for certain teachers, there have been no raises the past two years. Neither have there been stipends paid. Your employees have worked diligently and faithfully to pare back costs and increase productivity. Consideration of a stipend of $500 for employees who received an increment the past two years and expect to return next school year and a stipend of $1,500 for all other full time equivalent returning employees who do not receive an increment is being requested. Total value: $58,000.

4.4 Request Approval of the 2012-2013 School Tuition Billings

General Fund, Capital Projects and Transportation

4.5 Permission to Transfer Appropriations with each Fund as part of Fiscal Year-End Process

Mrs. Payton is requesting permission to transfer appropriations within each fund to balance out the fiscal year end.  This process is done annually.  No transfers are made from fund to fund, only with each fund.

4.6 Request Approval of the Administrative Contracts

4.7 Request Approval for Non-Certified Pay Scale

4.8 Request Approval of Banks
Cindy Payton

Three banks responded to our request for proposals. Heartland was the lowest proposal continuing with no fees. National Bank of Indianapolis does offer certain special considerations for non-profits. We recommend staying with Heartland for our regular operating funds and transferring our current account from Regions to National Bank of Indianapolis.

4.9 Request Approval of the 2012-2013 Student Fee Schedule

4.10 Request Approval of the 2012-2013 Student Handbook

4.11 Request Approval of Surety Bonds for Cindy Payton and Stan Wilkison

4.12 Request Approval of 2012-2013 Governing Board Meeting Schedule

5. Director's Comments and Items of Information
Dr. Hagen

5.1 Superintendent Advisory Notes

5.2 Upcoming Events and Dates

June 20, 2012, 7:00 p.m. - Adult Education Graduation Ceremony - Greenwood Community High School Auditorium

August 6-7, 2012 - Teacher In-Service

August 8, 2012 - First Day for Students


5.3 Adult Education Annual Summary

7. Adult Education Division Update

8. Board Member Comments

9. Public Comments

10. Adjournment